2022 Premier Senior Hurling

Sure everyone wants to compete at the top, but getting there through some non entity is ridiculous, especially these days when all grades are well organised and they get enough games with their clubs. I think it’s time for the County Championship to become the Club County Championship
How are they non entities?
Not if the divisional championship was play during the league. The league is now just 5 glorified challenge matches with a final at the end. Until they sort it out and make it like the football league its a waste of time and money going to away matches .


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For me, only Cork players should be allowed. No problem with the likes of UCC and CIT playing as long as they‘re from Cork.
exactly Hurling Fan - if they are from Cork and they are playing with a club that is not Senior by default they should be eligible . Of course they could also be originally from another county so perhaps the rule should be that they are playing championship with a Cork club that season in a grade below senior. It’s not rocket science and the scenario where lads can play senior championship with their own club in another county and also play senior championship with UCC in the same year is so farcical it beggars belief. We could write the rule clause in half an hour in the PROC between us, submit it to the CCB and end this farcical debate once and for all
Im talking about clubs as well.
Between them divisions and colleges have won i think 8 championships out of 130+, so whats the problem.
I don't have a major problem with non Cork players playing in the county championship because as you say they are not in reality a dominant force in the competition.

However, I do find it unfair that a club side could be eliminated by a strong talented college side and in the next round the college puts out a far weaker team because the non Cork players are playing in their own counties.

A player moving into an area , joining the local club and becoming part of the fabric of a club is hardly the same thing.

Giving players from junior and intermediate clubs in the county the opportunity to play senior hurling with a college side or a divisional side can never be a bad thing imo.

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