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  • It takes forever doesn't it ?

    This one a really fast learner ( and the other two were pretty fast too )
    Great neck and back strength , strong legs , good and expressive ( she's been mouthing away trying to talk for a couple of weeks now ) , I'd say I'll have her reared in about 5 years . maybe 6 .

    three year old is a dinger with numbers can read to at least forty and know his numbers up to around the 50's fairly well, and I think he's starting to figure out the reading abit now too ,

    It's the vitamin K I'd say
    Sorry it took so long to get around to it like , I'm shit that way. alls OK with the clan and all , baby is fine growing grand ( holds her own bottle and all now )

    How're you keeping ?
    Hey fuji. Nice to see you drop by. Very rarely drop in here myself these days. Im great btw thanks. Nothing much happening with me. It's all work work work. I need to cop myself on like lol. Hows you???
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Live At The Marquee

16th Jun 2024 @ 7:00 pm
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Flotsam Magazine Sticker Exhibition

St. Peters Cork, Tomorrow @ 10am

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