(aa-gad-y) (oh god, that hurt)

    Express slight pain from a “Dawk” to the body.

    All over the shop

    all about the place in question. Does not literally refer to a place where goods are sold or exchanged. “I was walkin’ down Pana and there was ol’ dolls all over the shop”: I was walking down St. Patrick’s Street and there were girls everywhere. “I seen yer man langers and he was all over the shop”: I saw that man drunk and he was swaying from side to side.



    Keep that feen away from me girl, i’m allergic….



    marbles. ’ I robbed the feens glassy alleys lah ! ‘



    The end of something edible. “I’m up the ass of your can feen”. Can I have the end of your beverage.

    Aul' lade

    [proper noun]

    mother. ‘here boy ! your aul’ lade!’ - I’d like to start a fight with you.



    Erection. EG: I woke up this morning with a big búdán up on me.



    Noun: Term used for the carrier on a bike which is above the back wheel. Verb: To give a person a baker would be to give them a lift on a bike where they sit in the backer. Similar to a crosser



    Could you, as in “C’mon Bah-willa,de mushy peas are gettin cold”-Could you please hurry up,My Dinner is losing heat?

    Ball on


    to begin or keep moving. “ball on until you see Shandon” - keep going until you see Shandon Tower.

    Balmed out


    a state of relaxation (also panned out) “me an mossy got a douncy nodge smoked it got some munch from graces an balmed out in the peace park” ..... my companion Maurice and i got a small piece of cannabis , consumed it , bought a fine chicken meal and relaxed in bishop lucy park.


    (Bal-oo-bas) "Balubas" meaning in a state of heavy intoxication.

    Normally associated with indiviuals having partaken of a sustained period of alcoholic inebration. Derived from the Conga in the 1970’s/1980’s where Cork soldiers serving with the United Nations Peacekeeping Forces encountered the jungle guerillas known as the Balubas. Known for their madness and utter contempt for authority , this term soon found its way back to Cork to describe similarly minded individuals.



    Cork state of confusion. “I am pure bam-boozled like” - I am confused.



    game played by several people in which a football is struck off a wall by each player in turn. Failure to hit the specified area of the wall in one shot results in elimination from the game and being labelled a ‘langer’.



    Broken beyond repair. ‘I fell off me bike and now its banjaxed.



    Barrack Street: Old historic street on the south side of Cork City. Example: You can’t beat the sound of Barracka Band playin’ down the Lough.

    Basketball Tash


    Refers to teenage moustaches with contain five hairs on either side of the mouth. Insulting to the attempted grower.



    An expression of sexual interest. E.g. "Id throw her a batch" Similarly: "Id give her one", "Id give her Twig and Berries"

    bate for eggs

    (bait 4 eggs)

    To be so tired that you cant even move.

    Bate on for the feara


    To run for fear of death (metaphoric). "I lamped the law so I bate on for the feara": I saw the gardaí so I made myself scarce.



    female pubic hair surrounding a below-the-belt body part. (invalid: sloggin' a baz)



    haircut. "Some beeor gave dat feen a bazzer": A girl gave that boy a haircut.

    Be wide


    Be careful. "Be wide , lamp the car comin' " - Be careful there is a car approaching.



    female, girl or lady "I loves dat beeor": I like that girl.



    popular expression for 'sham' or 'feen' in Kinsale. "Aright bendecko woss de story ?"



    (as apposed to “Da Berries”) A cry of elation upon receiving something of value. More aptly used, upon receiving something of value for nothing. (e.g. If one were to land on free-parking in a game of monopoly and receive a substantial amount of Spondoolies, it would be well within ones rights to cry out “BERRIES”, also it is common place to hear rapturous cries of “BERRIES” emanating from dole offices all over cork of a Tuesday morning.)



    A messer, a joker



    Blimmer is a cannibas joint.

    Blown out of it


    To be given out to. "Sharon blew me out of it last night for comin' in with another ol' doll". Sharon rejected my romantic/sexual advances.



    bonfire; bonfire night. Annual event where unguarded tyres are gathered, trees are ripped to bits & anything that can be shifted are piled in a heap & burnt, while onlookers gatt & take turns jumping over the fire. Fire Brigade assistance is typically involved after the neighbourhood Spy 19 decides people are having too much fun.