Charity Appeal: Hurling Fans Asked to Send Socks to Jackie Tyrell

Hurling fans around the country are clubbing together to send socks to former Kilkenny hurler and pundit Jackie Tyrell who has been appearing on RTE’s Sunday Game partially unclothed. 

There have been on-going concerns in GAA circles for some time about Tyrell’s inability to dress himself properly despite heavy sponsorship from an English retailer. The reluctance of the national broadcaster to offer the analyst a spare pair of socks or a tie before appearances has also drawn criticism. 

“This is Ireland, not the set of some pretentious reality TV show full of langballs,” said a representative for the group “we’ll start with a lash of socks and we’ll move on to getting him some ties after that.”

A source close to the hurler, that is definitely not Eoin Larkin, has denied the multiple All-Ireland winner has a problem with attracting cotton-eating moths infesting his sock drawer.