Zombie continues to have a few cranks in a grip, They see Irish rugby fans as west brit posh boys, It must gall
them that people from mahon etc enjoy watching rugby , understand most of the rules,

As the wolfe tones sang... let the people sing, Some people will be praying ireland lose tonight, sad pitiful people
Well we in Mahon including Peter O Mahony don't just watch it Jimmy, we bring the class to it.
Not offended by singing of Zombie, just think it's a strange choice of song, kind of like having, say, Highway to Hell played at the first dance at a wedding. Great tune but in an odd setting.
Will never be at a rugby match so couldn't care less.
Look now cheer up as we're lucky to be Irish. When we win we celebrate by getting pissed. When we lose we drown our sorrows by getting pissed.

It's a win win situation like. ' hic '

It's the same old theme
Since nineteen-sixteen
In your head, in you head
Hic hic
Cornelius Patrick O' Sullivan
The Richmond Revival, College Road, Fermoy, Co. Cork, P61 T292

17th May 2024 @ 7:00 pm
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Colm Murphy

St. Peters Cork, Today @ 10am

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