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Hey folks, I have a skim here from time to time and it's good to see kind and encouraging words for people who may need it, you're a good bunch.

A question for those diagnosed with ADHD.. An ex partner who I have a pretty amicable relationship with suggested that I should get a diagnosis. Are you going private for you diagnosis?
Yep I went private. Took 18 months to get seen from the initial referral but I believe the guy I saw is not taking any new patients.

The wife also got diagnosed with ADHD and she booked it herself online with a psychotherapist in Dublin.

Mental health resources in this country are beyond terrible

Personalized brain circuit scores identify clinically distinct biotypes in depression and anxiety​


There is an urgent need to derive quantitative measures based on coherent neurobiological dysfunctions or ‘biotypes’ to enable stratification of patients with depression and anxiety. We used task-free and task-evoked data from a standardized functional magnetic resonance imaging protocol conducted across multiple studies in patients with depression and anxiety when treatment free (n = 801) and after randomization to pharmacotherapy or behavioral therapy (n = 250). From these patients, we derived personalized and interpretable scores of brain circuit dysfunction grounded in a theoretical taxonomy. Participants were subdivided into six biotypes defined by distinct profiles of intrinsic task-free functional connectivity within the default mode, salience and frontoparietal attention circuits, and of activation and connectivity within frontal and subcortical regions elicited by emotional and cognitive tasks. The six biotypes showed consistency with our theoretical taxonomy and were distinguished by symptoms, behavioral performance on general and emotional cognitive computerized tests, and response to pharmacotherapy as well as behavioral therapy. Our results provide a new, theory-driven, clinically validated and interpretable quantitative method to parse the biological heterogeneity of depression and anxiety. Thus, they represent a promising approach to advance precision clinical care in psychiatry.
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