Wuhan Wheeze

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320 million cases and 5.52 million deaths but yea we were all mad.
4% of the world's population infected but we were all mad.

Our grand children will ask did we just ignore long covid when the pandemic happened?
Died with covid? Or of covid?

The political class got us to isolate while they partied. Boris partied, Leo frolicked in the park and Micheal was able to go to his holiday home while we stuck to 5km.

So long as Hank Scorpio can get to the rugby.. that’s the main thing.. as he lectures the rest of us.

I’m heading to the cinema now as it will be to dangerous later..

Go way ta fuck
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We are in the final throws of this mass hysteria.
In another 6 months this will occupy the same space as moving statues.

Then the repercussions can start.

And our grand children will ask were we all mad.
Covid 19 has killed over 5.5 million in 2 years globally and no one has died from a "moving" statue.

Repercussions are for those in power who did not take the hard appropriate public health measures

Did the grand children of the generations affected by the Spanish flu ask "Were we all mad"?


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