Wuhan Wheeze

Lots of medics, nurses, scientists advise against giving these jabs to anyone who's immune system is not weak. There's no need for it.
Best of luck to you either way.

No, 'lots' of them are not advising against giving these jabs, you have found a few and decided they are the ones to listen to - there are always those that will disagree or dissent in democratic society and thats fine. The vast majority of doctors and government medical advisors everywhere in the world have advocated for the vaccines, there is no disputing this


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Jeez if people think our politicians are bad, take a look at Finland.

Here's a photo of the Prime Minister


The Robert Koch Institute (RKI) is a German federal government agency and research institute responsible for disease control and prevention.

How would your supercolossal dense skull the size of a yet undiscovered planet be able to even understand that fact is one of life eternal mysteries.
Sounds like Cock though, if you pronounce it wrong.
so, that’s a bit funny like.

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