Would you leave your children alone with a BoBber?

I dislike people using "spastic" and "retard" as insults. I did it when I was younger I'm sure but I never would now. One of my best friends works in a school for kids with special needs and hearing these shouted at people makes her blood boil. I agree really but people do it without thinking. Nothing to get worked up about.

But this thread by jungle takes things much too far.

This post was by finner but also the real life person.
MonTheHoops said:
If I had kids, the BoBs would be the first people I'd call to look after them. They'd take them to Stockholm, Copenhagen and London and they'd even take pics and give him a little nickname and a picture. It would be a very proud day in the Mon household that's for sure.

I hope, this weekend, to show the full extent of how BoB has truly touched my life and the lives of others. My only hope is that my small effort goes some way to showing BoB the appreciation I have for them.

Why the animosity? Is it because BoB can also stand for Beautiful oh Beautiful?

this kind of thing is enough to bring a little tear to a bob's eye..

we love you hoopy.
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