Woke School Alert...

Its little wonder the Examiner's circulation has fallen so dramatically when they have unqualified idiots writing that kind of garbage.
Not able to get behind the paywall yesterday I checked the headline.

"Contested Knowledge" was a new one to me.

The phrase seems to mean that any fact ( scientifically proven or otherwise ) that does not align with the premise you are advocating can be considered false and it's 'inconvenience' can be dismissed as just being facts that are currently accepted but their validity is contested

So the headline translates as

Scientific Facts harm Transgender Children
He's accusing a paediatric consultant of engaging in pseudoscience, I hope the Examiner have good lawyers.

The methodology of the Cass Report cannot be questioned.

Thats why both Labour and the Conservatives in the UK are committed to implementing its recommendations.

It should provide a solid launching pad for rowing back on the bonkers , harmful, anti science agenda of the trans movement in Ireland.

Mental gnats like this twerp in the Examiner deserve to be ridiculed for writing such crap.
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Given that he is sitting in jail and everyone else involved is getting paid to deal with his utter utter bullshit, your definition of pawning is an interesting one.
Your shower thought that this individual would get back into line after a taste of some prison time.
They used a method.
That method has failed and he obviously is not detered.
So yes he is playing the legal system, their best and probably only tool has failed.
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