Why is the Boys oh boys thread so popular?

now i understand it all
how the BoBs have sooo much clout

you are educated, sophisticated, successful clique of friends
who get the the best out of life
and get the best women life has to offer

you have your own forum
with your own slang
then the begrudgers who come in here get jealous of the great fun you have

the begrudgers then leave snide comments trying to piss you off, but to no avail

sure how could you possibly get pissed off
Men of your caliber
how could a pack of begrudgers that consists of two bit DJs, Crustys, and sex starved stuck for money muppets get under your skin???

you just laugh at these peasants, taking comfort in the fact you are winners in life

BoBs i am honored to be in your presence
and i salute you:bday:

i would just like to say, that i still stand by this statement :bday:
If anyone is ever arsed to put together a BoB manifesto (and then put it to the testo), I think it will look a lot like Seamus's post.

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11th May 2024 @ 7:00 pm
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