Where in Cork am I?

That's where I meant. Im never sure if it is Sandycove or summercove!

The swim out to the Island there is nice. I have never swam around it, but you see a lot of "serious" swimmers doing that.
There was a woman, late 60's I'd say, who very slowly swam across to the island and then the full length of it. The lads had a guy on shore lashing sliotars towards them and trying to catch them!
Probably in the category of: No-one will know where this is.

It's only been in place for 3 to 4 months. It was put there by an individual who gives a lot of his time doing good things, environmentally, historically and otherwise.

That was Myrtle Grove, Youghal. At the entrance to St. Mary's Collegiate church (well worth seeing, the church and graveyard). Once the home to Sir Walter Raleigh.
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