What TV Series Are You Watching Now?

Ted Lasso, final episode, 9/10.
Really Fed?

I only got around to it last night with everything going on.. it wasn't as bad as I thought it would be as you could see them falling into the self indulgent shite again in the last few episodes, and there was some decent humour there but it wasn't great either... in fact its pure schmalz.

To be honest it wouldn't bother me if they call it a day at that and equally if they make another season I'll inevitably end up watching it. S1 was great craic, S2 started well then turned into complete crap before a quick rescue at the end, and S3 marginally better. I'd give the entire effort 6/10
Once upon a time in Northern Ireland is the best thing on TV for a long time,if you have missed it ,it is worth catching up with it.

Catch up how? BBC player doesn't work south of the border afaik. I've a decent streamer but can't find it. It's been highly recommended by a few people.

Currently watching Trigger Point - yer wan from Line of Duty in the bomb squad in London. Watchable so far though not as good as LoD
Thought the first episode of Secret Invasion was decent enough. We'll see how it goes. Impressive cast. Other than Wandavision, which I enjoyed, the Marvel TV shows haven't been very good.
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