What TV Series Are You Watching Now?

BBC Scotland from a few years ago, probably done before here but sure so what.
It's about...guilt. Set in Embra, Leith (choose life...).
First episode, meh, will I bother. Chanced another, hooked, it's excellent IMHO.
Finished season 1 and 2, can't wait to watch season 3.

Just finished S03.
Lads, you have to watch this <chef's kiss/>
FUBAR with Arnie - it's not the worst, apart from the very annoying cliff-hanger endings each episode. Do they not know that when people are a couple of episodes in they're likely to binge watch anyway? 7/10
"In Limbo". A 6-part Oz comedy of sorts. Less than 30 mins an episode. Two best friends, one kills himself without explanation and returns as a ghost to get his buddy to find out how to get him to move on. A bit meh, not very funny. I'd struggle, after 3 episodes, to give it a 5/10.
Platonic - Apple thing with Seth Rogan. Funny enough.

Started watching Have I Got News For You after years of not watching it. Forgot how good it can be
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