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Fair enough fella if that's how you see it, but na, not buying it.

Dreadfully lazy writing or writing bereft of ideas. Overall a decent show, but the last season ruined it. Not going for Lalo falling for Gus's rubbish either.

We're supposed to belive this guy is a genius arch criminal and he falls for the oldest trick in the book.


Yeah , thought it absolutely fell off a cliff in the final season.

The Lalo in Germany stuff with your man's wife was toe curlingly awful.

For Jimmy/Saul to sign upto 86 years in prison out of the blue was complete horseshit. Not in that characters make up. As was the negotiations with the prosecuting team, it was cartoonish.

The whole subplot with winding Howard up really grated in the last season. Verging on slapstick.

They didn't know how to tie up the show and that's the ending we got.

Kim in the water equipment place was just another poorly executed plot deadend.

Very annoying to invest that much time in a show and have that kind of dud ending. Better than the Sopranos non ending, not as good as the generally accepted poor MacGyver ending to breaking bad.

Better call meh.
The final has a 9.9 rating on IMD with nearly 30k


Westlife sold out 2 nights in the Pairc and Wembley.

People don't know shit.
I've done a 360 on the Sopranos ending. The more time that passes the more I like it.

Meh, I've rewatched the series.

It was a disservice to the quality of what went before.

Went out with a meta whimper.
'The audience got whacked', 'Tony got whacked'. Chase went to the South of France for six months and couldn't come up with an ending.

It was a non ending.

As bad as BCS was at least it was an ending.
It's in rewatching the series (more than once) that I've noticed all the little clues leading up to the ending that made me appreciate it.

Still not as good as The Shield ending though. Best ending I've seen.
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