Westmeath car fire: Woman arrested.

You'd think so, yeah. But it just goes to show you how far gone some people must be to do shit like that.
Thats ok so those poor kids died in agony because mammy had stuff on her mind, bollocks there's more important things in life than your feelings if you can't deal with that leave the kids with someone and go do whatever you want to do.
The same discussion happens after each of these incidents on here. 2 kids have died in tragic circumstances and neither of them will be served well by a witch hunt. No one here could have any actual insight into the situation that lead to this, anyone who does wont be posting about it.
Suicide victims would stop if they were in the frame of mind to think of what it would do to their loved ones,
But sadly they are gone too far,
Two children were murdered, unless they were already dead by the time they were put in the car, they were burned alive, so it's quite reasonable that there would be feelings of horror and anger directed at the person suspected of doing this, mental health issues notwithstanding.
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