We Are Open. Yay!!!!

I feel that the Liberty has so much more potential that isn't being utilised. It's one of the most impressive bars in Cork, great drinks and staff, but the last few times I've been It's been so quiet.

If someone asked me to recommend a cocktail bar I'd be sending them to The Liberty over Cask all day long.

I dunno what can be done to make the place busier but it deserves to be a hell of a lot busier than it is.

Cork City is saturated with a large number of pubs owned by a small number of people, so it's refreshing to see an independent place trying to do its own thing. I just feel the Liberty needs a shot in the arm though.

Jaysus - that's you off Benny's Christmas Card list ;)
That probably won't go ahead. And if it does, you'll have SoundMan in complaining that it's not a keg of Carlserg.

This guy walked out of the Mutton Lane because they don't sell Carlsberg

No I didn't. It was my buddy walked out over their lack of Carlsberg. I'm a bit easier to cater for. Generally Carlsberg or Coors (can't do Heineken as even a couple of pints give me a headache for some reason) or Murphys - Guinness at a real stretch as it's a poor imitation of Murphys.

I might even risk tasting that Hazey stuff from Franciscan Well place. 😇
Danny O'Leary Band
JJ Walshs, 64 Oliver Plunkett St.

2nd Mar 2024 @ 10:00 pm
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The Zone Of Interest (12a)

Triskel Arts Centre, Today @ 8:15pm

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