We’re Backing Brave: Yeah. Right.

I think even upping their interest rate (not illegal) has to be OKed by the Regulator

That’s different: the regulator has to give consent for charges. The purchase of Goodbodys is outside the remit oof the regulator.

But seeing as the state owns AIB, the minister for finance, as shareholder could stop this if he thinks it’s a bad idea.

By not objecting to this plan he is essentially giving it his tacit approval.

Which is why it needs to be raised as a political issue. If this goes ahead it will be a travesty and make a mockery of our political system.
Obviously nobody gives a shite about this. Paschal O’Donoghue was on the Claire Byrne Show on RTÉ this morning and nothing was mentioned about this. Everyone is too worried about the Judge and whether pubs will be reopening
Ok: some guy from the opposition is going on RTÉ radio now to talk about the appointment of a judge. Now, while I don’t want to distract from that issue, I do think that they could also raise how a group of ex-AIB middle managers who were involved in buying Goodbodys for €25 Million back in 2012, are now involved in selling it back to their former colleagues in AIB for multiples of what they bought it for.

With our money.


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Of the €86 (?) Million that AIB were fined for their illegalities on the Tracker Mortgages, how much will be given to those customers who were defrauded by the bank?
They’re not “backing brave.”

They’re robbing us all blind and lining their own pockets.
I know of people who committed suicide because of these cunts.

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