There probably is no cause for concern

but it is kinda weird all the same. One of the tellers at my local Centra, a smiley guy, the kind you make small talk with while packing the shopping bag, a few weeks ago he went from small talk to 'Do you live at <insert angie's address here>?' By all accounts he's a complete stranger so really he had no business asking what my address was but in saying that, it's easy to spot my gaff when my car's parked outside as I live on a main road, & I'm the only person up my way driving a jimny.

So, next time I went shopping I took the bf with me, as a point of show more than anything else. Neither teller nor I had reason to speak as I was served by someone else, (I didn't even think he saw me tbh), shortly afterwards I went off on hols. Late last week I stopped off to get a few bits, lo & behold my teller 'buddy' ended up being the one who served me & the first thing he says is 'your boyfriend seems really nice' followed by a 'long time no see' type comment. Wtf!

My brother reckons he's trying to suss me out, but I just find the whole carry on a little creepy. Maybe I just need to get over myself, but I am that hot so..... Nah.
hes a wierdo sussing you out

bit strange that he knows where you live though

probably is completely harmless though ... its the ones that don't talk at all and just state and drool you need to worry about

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