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The Official Spurs thread


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For the Rennes game they need 13 available from the ECL A list squad including a keeper and they must fulfil the fixture - a fixture they HAVE to win.

For Brighton - there is precedence for games being postponed but if it is no more than 4-6 first team players it is likely they will be made to meet the fixture.

Gil and Emerson were out for the game on Sunday presumably that is now known to be Covid.
Son, Davies, Romero and one other are thought be the other 4 cases, Romero is out but the other 3 ar thought to be first teamers.

You'd think they will be made to play both fixtures.

Donald Trump

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I’d say the wider point is that lots of matches might be called off if Omicron takes hold.

Also while the rest of Europe is implementing precautions Boris is telling bewildered companies to have parties which they’re not doing, but football grounds are packed twice a week.

The man is an absolute gobshite.

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