The Official PROC Restaurant review thread.

Cafe Mexicana doesn't have a proper kichen. They microwave the food. I used to like it years ago when there wasn't much choice in the city.
Haven't been recently. I remember Garabaldi's on French Church St 🤣 oh, the 90s
I often wondered was Luigi Malone’s a spin off of Paddy Garibaldis. I know Scoozi is.

Hank Scorpio

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Garabaldi's was top-notch for its day.
Scoozis was heaving for years there, always long queues to get in. They haven't updated their menu in a long time though and there's a lot more choice these days

Scoozis was shit the last two times I was there. Was decent in its heyday but took their eye off the ball years ago

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