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Gallaghers Gastro Pub getting a bit of bad press today, but from what I can see it was an honest mistake which they tried to rectify only for some arsehole to go Red FM for his 2 seconds of fame instead.

There used to be a poster on here called "Beamish", and he was always raving about this place. Never been myself

€15 for a “full Irish” with coffee is a rip off for a pub.
Come out the door of Gallagher’s, turn right and within 5 minutes you’ll be in Café Spresso where you can get a “full Irish,”
including coffee for €9.60.
That’s a hefty saving.

Hank Scorpio

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Really good food. Monk cheek bhuna starter, pan fried John Dory with dhal.



Only complaint is the music was far too loud. You dont want to have to be constantly repeating yourself during dinner. Music should be very much in the background.

Great food, good waiting staff.


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Got food from Spice Route. My God, it was hot! It's proper Indian food though, the nan was definitely home made. I overestimated my tolerance to spice. The other Indian places don't do food as spicy.
The last time I sat in there, I can't remember it being that hot


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American fella up in Athlone trying to eat 6 burgers and 3 portions of loaded fries in an hour

What a fat fuck, while we have children going to bed hungry


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