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I ate in Nico’s in Schull this evening it was superb. Myself and missus both went for braised beef cheek in a red wine sauce that came with parsnip purée and really nicely done potatoes and green beans. Desert was a pana cotta and all washed down with a nice Malbec. Really top qaulity, service was excellent and I thought the bill was fair for what we got. Well worth a look when down west

Hank Scorpio

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Ate in Ard na Sidhe country house outside Kilorglin recently.

Had Gravlax starter , Ribeye steak for the main and a lemon tart for dessert


The lemon tart was the winner.


Its a good spot for a night away. Only 9 rooms in the main house so grand and quiet. Owned by the Liebherr crowd who have the Europe

Frank O’Connor

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Rossini’s is as good as I remember years back. Jolly waiters, exquisite pasta, homemade everything. Very family friendly while having excellent food made from scratch. No imported stocks or parboiled potatoes or any of that rubbish. Maybe they serve spaghetti bolognese but it’s five star spag bol imo.


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Michael's in Dublin are selling €10,000 gift cards in an attempt to raise cash for a new restaurant they're opening

They'll have a few takers too, there's more money than sense in that part of Dublin. You'll have Vogue and the gurlies flashing their Michael's platinum card all over the place

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