The Official Manchester City Thread - Part 2

Lots of people are having problems with the old thread, so with the new season its seems like a good time for a new one to be started.


Manchester City F.C.


Manuel Pellegrini


Vincent Kompany

Hey Zim, there seems to be something wrong with the Yaya thread too.

POL was a regular in there until May but hasn't been seen since.

Must be a technical issue.
different gravy, it is between us and Chelsea, the two biggest teams in England, we pissed all over those clowns tonight, I cannot wait to get a hold of Van Lol's boys :lol!:
I thought City were v good. Much better than I'd hoped at this point of the season. They have Chelsea and Arsenal in the next 3 games though, so time will tell. If Jovetic manages to stay fit then poor old Alvaro may be out the gap unwanted. That's a big 'if' though. Kun's injury problems could also flare up at any moment. Nice to have the luxury of being able to ease him back in mind ...... and what a man to be able to unleash as an impact sub. Back 4 looked very good, as does Fernando and with Sagna and Mangala yet to even make debuts, things are looking rosy for now.
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