The Official Man Utd Thread - Part 3.

The league is better with a strong United ( I can’t believe I said that). I obviously did not enjoy their two decades of dominance but this squad is totally fucked and it may break Hag. It’s a shame but he should have seen what he was jumping into.
Ten Hag is being paid 9 million pounds a year to manage a premier league football team. Yeah, poor Erik.


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I would of thought the very least he would of done was take captaincy off Maguire, set the tone early that mediocrity will not be tolerated.
I genuinely don't get the move. Yeah, Manu is one of the biggest clubs in the world. But the guy has comfortably got a 20 year career ahead of him. There are 10-15 other clubs where he could enhance his reputation without moving to a shit show. If he's good enough now, imagine how much better he'd be in a few years? It's not like the Manu job isn't going to come up again, and maybe next time they might have fixed a few things.
The club is broke m8. Oh they'll be able to pay for the electricity and won't go bust, but the money the club brings in now is fir debt and dividends, not competing with the best.

Seriously, Ar now fucking tish. Even Jesus is better than him.
I definitely agree with one point in this post.

Jesus is like Messi compared to that bum.

You should buy him and then sell him to Sp*rs.

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Serious Odion Ighalo emergy in trying to buy 33 year old Arnautovic.

Ralf was keen on Nkunku from Leipzig last Christmas. Could have been got for £40 million.

The club nixed a deal, he went on score another 16 goals in Germany & 11 assists. Finishing on 32 goals and 20 assists.

Thankfully we dodged that deal.
All jokes aside, today was a real banana skin for United. A team in transition against a very solid PL side who are very set in their style of play under a very good manager. Was the perfect game for Brighton as such. They could go there and have a free cut off United.

ETH possibly overthought the starting team. No central striker was a bad move. McFred is never a good move. Is Varane not matchfit? There’s no way he should be a sub. The team should be being built around him.

United will be in transition for a while. They’ll need a few more players with that. ETH will be demanding and some won’t cut it. Today might not be a bad thing in terms of further proof of need for transfers.


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