The Official Man Utd Thread - Part 3.

"You fuckin idiot"

"Great ball"

"Ah cut out the stupid flicks ya Langer"

"Nice shot"

"Ah concentrate you dick. That was a two yard pass"

"Nice goal Paulie"

Pogba. Brilliance and idiocy wrapped up in one package.
Pogoal. Just a sensational footballer and what a strike.

Beautiful set up from Ibra. Rooney walking round looking important.
  1. Can he make top 4 this year?
  2. And, just as importantly, will they finish ahead of arsenal?

1 Yes [ ] No[ ] I'm too much of a sloppy vagina to make a call[ ]
2 Yes [ ] No[ ] I'm too much of a sloppy vagina to make a call[ ]

Rattled out of your tiny little mind.

Keep asking questions that have already been answered. Handy run has shit the bed, typical bumnal.
Been honest I don't think Utd will get top 4 but they do have the potential to go on a winning run so I wouldn't write them off just yet, as for Jose I have a feeling it won't end well , not the man for long term and he will piss off the wrong men at some stage .

Yeah if only United could get a man for the long term like Wenger.
No thanks I'd rather not have 12 years of utter
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