The Official Liverpool Thread - Part 2

They're currently protesting outside Michael O'Leary's gaff after Ryanair were mean to their Bench-o following his exclusive from the England WC squad. Pearls clutched so tightly they've scattered everywhere. I've not seeing anything like that since the McAllister house almost 30 years ago
The mid-season point is a good time to take stock on what has been a very underwhelming season so far for Liverpool.

Alisson - for me, hands down Liverpool's player of the season so far and well placed to be considered the top keeper in the league again.

Felt like this season he made a lot of saves (esp. 1:1s) that your average PL keeper wouldn't make. Had a look at his stats and, unsurprisingly, he's top on the post-shot xG stat by a distance.

Statistically, with an average PL keeper instead of Alisson, Liverpool would've conceded 45% more goals this season.


Below him there's a block of 4 players who have done themselves justice so far this season.

Diaz - Was the side's top outfield peformer when they really hit that slump. Seemed like he was taking sides on by himself at times. Didn't think the side would average 2 points per game for the 6 games he's missed but they've rallied in his absence

Firmino - Has turned back the clock a bit this season with some great performances & a healthy goal tally. It's gone under the radar a bit, but he's out of contract in the summer. Big decision to make. A 1 year extension I could get on board with, maybe 2...but he's put his body through a lot for a 31 year old and it'd be hard to justify a 3-4 year contract

Nunez - The most electrifying man in sports entertainment™

Elliott - Featured in every PL game this season, which has come as a surprise - but his tactical flexibility has worked in his favour. Has tended to perform better, understandably, when he's not overburdened with defensive duties. He's a big talent but it's crucial that he learns how to limit how often he gets exposed for his weaknesses, and ensure he makes his strengths count & get his numbers up. He's well capable.

Below them there's 4 players who have done well in patches.

Salah - Had a slow start numbers-wise and wasn't getting the supply line he's been used to. But finished up the pre-WC section with 9 goals in 9 games and looks more like his old self.

Thiago - He's been good when he's played, but he has only managed 50% of the PL minutes. As much as anyone, some dedicated fitness work during this break should help.

Carvalho - Has looked very tidy and encouraging to see him get amongst the goals already. Needs to bulk up, but there's a serious player there once he hits his mid 20s

Tsimikas - Filled in well for Robertson, who has been worked into the ground for a few seasons now. Doesn't have Robertson's drive & physicality but is decent enough to keep him honest.

Everyone else has underperformed what they are capable of.

Some by a distance.
I watched that Kenny Daglish documentary earlier on Sky Atlantic. The chapter on Hillsborough was a very tough watch, made harder seeing the effect it’s had on him.

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