The Official Liverpool Thread - Part 2

Try as you might to spin it this way...

But no sensible Liverpool fan thought that the 2019 CL win and 2020 PL win were ushering in an era of dominance.

Excellent achievements both, but City continue to hold all the aces.
sad.... but true :(

damn them, damn them all to helllllllllllll!!!!!!!!
Losing but better.

It's no shame to fall just short of this incredible City side domestically (..while outperforming them in Europe).

It's somewhat shameful though for a Man Utd fan to be posting tweets in here from a City fan account...when his own side have been an embarrassment for years.
The goal of both teams should be to keep the City juggernaut honest and, if they slip up, take advantage.

To a large degree Liverpool have done so across the last 5 seasons. Man Utd haven't done it to any degree.

  • There were 2 seasons where both sides fell well short - and, in the remaining CL places, Man Utd 5-6 points ahead of Liverpool
  • There were 2 other seasons where Liverpool finished 1 point short of City
  • In the remaining season Liverpool won the league

If, in the grand scheme of things, that's something which Man Utd fans want to crow be it. Knock yourself out.

The graphic below illustrates how Klopp's side have clearly performed at a very high level in recent years.

Again, nobody (of any significance), said that Klopp's Liverpool were set up to dominate football.


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