The Official Liverpool Thread - Part 2

Donald Trump

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Isn't that obvious? You've asked about the comparison against City.

So in that context, it has cost less to assemble & remunerate the Liverpool squad relative to the City squad.

Klopp will have spent in the region of 700 million on players when Charles Darwin Nunez arrives.

Yes, less than City but a lot lot more than only a very small number of other clubs. Time to put the poor relation act to bed m8
If you live your life through the lens of "getting worked up about Jurgen Klopp" then yeah, it's the only reason.

Back in the real world: It's a comparison against the club which have been neck & neck with Liverpool for 4+ years and twice pipped them to the title by a single point during that period.
Liverpool neck and neck with City more likely.
Fewer delusions of grandeur in order from Scousers! 😏
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Hank Scorpio

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Me wound up?

I'm laughing my bollocks off at how much it has upset the klopp does things differently narrative.

60 million down on Diaz and now another potential 100 million down on Nunez.

They're so full of shit as to beggar belief.

A fanbase so utterly delusional that they can throw cash around like Croesus and still claim to be somehow 'doing it differently'.

This costs more.


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