The Official Arsenal Thread - Part 2

Do you think United fans absolutely despise Arsenal? :lol!:

I hate to break to you m8 but most United fans IRL genuinely couldn't give two shits about Arsenal, ye have little to no following in this country so are pretty much a non entity, outside of dishing out a few clatters on here from time to time I can't say I put that much thought into Bumnal's existence being honest.

The SSB's & City on the other hand I certainly do despise but also can admire them for what they have achieved in recent years with good managers, they've reached the top of the mountain in the PL and Europe, Bumnal on the other hand are a pack of bottling nearly men, these are the cold hard facts.

As for legacy, at least United have one, Arsenal had one purple patch over 2 decades ago with a truly great manager before ye ran him out of the club.

But hey I reckon another billion and 5 more years for El choker should do the trick :lol!:

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I would prefer to see Arsenal win the league rather than City or Pool.
No excuses tonight m8s. Really should be an opportunity to keep building on the goal difference.

The subs could be interesting given it'll be more about getting lads minutes instead of needing to rest players.
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