The Official Arsenal Thread - Part 2

Lol, you really are delusional if you think we hate Bumnal.

Bumnal are just something to amuse us m8, nothing more, nothing less.

I only hate Liverpool. And on a bad day City and Leeds.

But Bumnal?

Yeah right, next you'll be saying I hate Spurs :lol!:
Yeah right. :lol!:

That 33 points accrued fairly under the radar.
Spurs imminent 4 loss run, Chelsea aside has been poor. Winning v Wolves in 92nd min, battering Villa and losing - reality that's 6 points which should have been in the bag. Gonna get reamed by City.

So it's Arsenal doing the pacemaker in the diamond league. Odegaard back has made a huge difference.
Winning ugly is still winning. That's the 33 points.
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