The Official Arsenal Thread - Part 2

Willie B. Hardigan

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Herb had a complete meltdown, started a callout thread and everything.

His 'bet' was that I had to stop posting in the Bumnal thread as it was upsetting him so much.
There were PMs flying my way about what a show he'd made of himself.

I did the guy a favour and just ignored him but the kid gloves are off. Ive broken his fragile little mind.


In fairness you pmed me tonight about this matter which I won’t divulge but I still think that bet is both possible and a good solution.
Last game of an absolutely brilliant season, hadn’t enjoyed watching Arsenal play that way in donkey years.

Last game in an Arsenal shirt for a few established/experienced players too.

Hope it’s a good one, players, staff and fans deserve to finish this on a good result.

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