The Official Arsenal Thread - Part 2

Arsenal* are currently 3rd favourites on Betfair, with odds that indicate an 8% chance of winning the league.

Do you think that's accurate? Or do you reckon they've got a bigger chance than that?

* strangely, Spurs are only 1 point behind but have a less than 4% chance

No idea about the 8% and 4% figures, what I agree with is that Arsenal are a much better side than people and spreadsheet lads have been giving them credit for…and I said that before a ball was even kicked this season…


Before, if you wanted to annoy the Mancs you’d post anti MU stuff.

Now all you have to do is post pro Arsenal stuff and they’re frothing at the mouth. :lol!:

They’re like pigeons on a french city square, you sit on a bench, they’re nowhere to be seen, you drop one crumb of your croissant on the floor and they’re at your feet within 2 seconds.

Predictable SMCs :lol!:
Nah m8, you lectured us saying they were not top 4 contenders, more like 5/6th
I'm fairly sure that's incorrect.

To the best of my memory, I merely said it was fair that they were rated behind Spurs before the season.

I think it was others who said they had no chance of top four.

...and, as usual, the giddiness is on display before a wicked run of fixtures.

Only after that run will we know the lie of the land.
Who are you supporting in the Manc derby m8? 😉
Look at Phil b sticking up for his fellow Stupids Scouse Bastards

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