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There is no way they will admit she was a failure, lots of reports of members not happt with her, that will Be stamped out,
When asked about immigration the parroted reply was ...fair efficient, enforced, no flesh was put on the bones,

Word salad platitudes every single time without nailing their colours to the mast on so many issues.

Fock the members anyway as they are just cannon fodder and they have no say in Sinn Fein which is why so many Councillors etc have left them.

Sinn Fein has never had a leadership election or even a challenge to a sitting leader in 40 years and there is no transparency as to how a leader is appointed.

7 S.F./I.R.A. people will meet above a bar in Belfast to decide the next move and they and only they will decide what happens.

It would be too much for them to actually let the members elect a leader as that would be a just that little bit too democratic and normal.
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28th Sep 2024 @ 7:00 pm
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