The Hurling Thread

I was travelling to Waterford so I didn't see any of the Clare v Limerick game and can't comment on it.

However, I have listened to a lot of the post match commentary about the game and the great performance from Limerick to claw their way back into the game and to win it.

I haven't heard much about the fact that they had fallen 8/9 points behind.
As I say I haven't seen the game so I can't say if that is relevant.
After 50 minutes i said Limerick look a shadow of what they were, Time will tell if their last 20 was a sign of them shaking off the cobwebs
or a case of Clare letting them off the hook,
After 50 minutes i said Limerick look a shadow of what they were, Time will tell if their last 20 was a sign of them shaking off the cobwebs
or a case of Clare letting them off the hook,

Indeed, Richie hogan was excellent on off the ball last night, said every time you have to go to the well it takes a bit away from a team and that limerick need a few ‘east’ wins in munster this year
Watched it in Walsh Park, taking in the sun before our game and thought Clare threw it away big time rather than Limerick upping the ante, the 3 goals were brutal and Clare went straight into panic mode after the first one dropped in, a bit of composure and I’m sure they could have pulled clear again, the space Hegarty had for the third was especially criminal.

Clare looked to be cruising til then I thought and couldn’t see how Limerick were getting anything. Limerick only reached 10 points in the 53rd minute, very unlike them.
I only listened to the first half on Clare FM on my way to Walsh Park.
Commentary led me to picture Clare lording it over Limerick while Limerick wasted chances.

Listening to Gearoid H afterwards he said they were grand at half time, not concerned about being 5 behind and content that they were getting a lot right....

I watched the last 10 minutes on my phone on the stands, and it looked like Clare weren't even on the pitch, literally blown away.

50/50 Clare collapse and Limerick finishing like a train.

Bit like a 10,000m race when a runner who's been trailing way behind a pacemaker sees the finish line in sight, ups a gear, and sprints past him going down the final 100m strait.

Didn't see the third quarter.
Clare played well for 50 mins. But the reason they were 9 up had a lot more to do with our woeful shooting. If the goals hadn’t happened I doubt we’d have gotten there. But the panic when it started suggests a full back line and goalie who don’t trust each other.

It’s game 1. All teams will improve.
If you’ve to ask a Limerick man whether he wants Clare to win or lose ……😂
I'd be more Cork neutral than Clare (obviously) but I genuinely think Cork will beat them, a lot of huff and puff with Clare but as we showed when our subs injected a bit of pace and direct running they couldn't deal with it.

Anyway, fingers crossed
Clare were probably worthy of a 4/5 point lead after 50 mins. Limerick hit a rake of bad wides.

That said Clare were the better team until 55 minutes.
Some of the wides were woeful

Gillane could have had a goal and set Flanagan up for another within the opening 3 mins too

the 3 goals got limerick out of Jail as without them I think clare would have hung on

Thought Boylan made a huge impact. Think he won 2 if not 3 frees when he ran at Clare.
This game will be remembered as Clare all over for limerick for 55 mins and then limerick blowing them away in the final 15. Watched it again. Clare opened the scoring in the few seconds but didn’t lead again until the 18 th minute. It was fairly level first qtr
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