The Hurling Thread

Look at the big man coming on throwing gossip around the place

Dont forget to change your nickers, they must be drenched with the thrill of it all
You should know better. :ROFLMAO:
I think it is generally accepted that NCM is from Limerick although why he just doesn't say so escapes me.
We have posters from other counties on here including Limerick and I the attitude is that everyone is welcome.
I thought he was had Limerick connections through marriage, I think he said so.
By the way, Jackeens aren't welcome here bar Quincy(?), he was okay and used have that Kildare tramp in permanent outrage.:lol!:
Oh I can understand entirely why they are turning a blind eye to it and its easy enough see why a jury of Limerick people let him off with the more serious charge.

If Hayes was a Cork player I've no idea how I'd feel about the whole situation. I'd like to think I'd be impartial about it but it's probably more likely I'd be biased and after one or 2 poor results I'd be screaming for his return. Human nature I suppose. Hopefully we will never be in that situation.
Sure you only need to look at the footballers to see the scenario close to home
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