The Hurling Thread

Hank Scorpio

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Full on anger spacing.
Speaking of being drunk, you jumped in my question (not a disagreement) with Lee about Kenneally, it didn't concern you and as for abusive replies, you absolute hypocrite. You have had some day today, walking into one door after another 😂😂😂
Rebelsesque performance

That's all hurling related stuff alright.

Good man.


Poster of Savage Greatness.
Like this is hurling related, good man
What is it with Limerick people and the threat of violence?


Poster of Savage Greatness.
Listen Piss Head. My original post said "should have been punished like Roy". This clearly indicates that TK wasn't punished.
Get hold of a good English grammar book to help keep you off the drink ffs!😏
Piss head? :ROFLMAO:
I understand your post perfectly and I know he wasn't punished hence me asking how you would propose punishing him. Will I draw you a picture, old man?
By the way, following Dan's lead isn't a good look, but then again original thought would never have been your strong point.

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