The Good Father, Granary Studio, July 20 - 25

Meantime's debut production portrays the chance meeting of Tim and Jane at a New Year's party. A meeting that would have been passed off as a one-night stand is complicated by Jane's unexpected pregnancy while Tim struggles with the idea that he's going to be a father.

Granary Studio 9pm
Tickets E10 (E8 Conc.) 21st-25th July
Preview 20th July (All tickets E5)

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Review from Evening Echo Tues 21st

"Excellent Performances In Rewarding Play

The Good Father at The Granary Theatre

A new theatre company hit the stage last night with a bittersweet romance. Meantime Theatre Company is made up of people who have grown up out of the Granary Theatre - drama students becoming theatre practitioners and developing their own company. The Good Father should prove a popular choice - an in-depth exploration of a slightly unorthadox story of a young man and woman's relationship in contemporary Dublin. Christian O'Reilly's play about two genuine people and their stories is edged forward gradually as the playwright pulls off the noteworthy feat of giving decency a dramatic edge where oftentimes good people can make for bad drama and nice can turn icky. It doesn't bang on like a car chase as it takes an easy meandering route with exchanges like this: "I just want to talk." "About what?" "Why does it have to be about anything?" But the play works with an unforced contemporary feeling and an emotional landscape that is real. James Browne, who has been one of the busiest actors in town for the past couple of years, turns in his best performance yet as Tim - a decent skin who is a little too sentimental, too optimistic and almost too good for this world. His opposite number is a much savvier operator who over time has developed a very thick and a somewhat unforgiving manner. Una Kirwan plays it right through to the heart in what is quite a moving performance. Director Maria Moynihan takes a sensitive approach to the material and elicits two really fine performances from Browne and Kirwan in what is an intimate and rewarding night"
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Hank Wedel
The Richmond Revival, College Road, Fermoy, Co. Cork, P61 T292

13th Sep 2024 @ 7:00 pm
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