The Ghislaine Maxwell Trial

If you think about this whole affair why has there been no criticism of the girls parents ....... surely they are as culpable as Maxwell and Epstein, having allowed their children to visit a rich mans properties and stay overnight and weekends alone at 14 years of age.

When Maddie McCann "disappeared" the World and his wfe gave her parents dog's abuse, but nothing so far from the Media about parental neglect of Maxwell and Epstein's victims.
Anyone watch the Netflix show on Epstein?

It was like watching a casting call for a tv show. It was like each of the victims had the same script and they seemed to cry at the same time.

Saw Lady Victoria Hervey being interviewed about it. She just shrugged her shoulders and asked if you had ever been to Cannes or any other billionaires playground. Nothing but teenage girls hanging off rich old men, and mused on how funny 'love' was.
Now a second juror has been identified as having suffered sexual abuse despite a pre qualifying questionnaire asking the specific question. A new trial will likely be the outcome. I wonder if all the media coverage of the first trial is likely cause issues of bias for the second trial? Plus there is an onus on the prosecution in this case to prove beyond a reasonable doubt that she had a part to play in Epstein’s abuse. The questions coming from the jurors indicated a leaning towards a not guilty verdict, quote from an article in the Guardian:
Even as jurors deliberated for five full days before finding Maxwell, 60, guilty of five of six counts – with their questions indicating at times a more favorable outcome for the defendant – she seemed attentive but also distant, ultimately telling presiding judge Alison Nathan that “the government has not proven its case beyond a reasonable doubt so there is no reason for me to testify”.

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