The Ghislaine Maxwell Trial

The trial is due to start on Monday.

If she's found guilty she'll be spending the rest of her life in prison having to slop out every morning at 8am.

If she's found not guilty she'll spend the rest of her life like Prince Andrew.


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Let’s hope she sings like a canary and exposes the cabal behind her. There’s a list going around of the people involved and it’s quite an eye opener. Old Bubba bill is mentioned on it. But as one of Jeffery’s fanboys said here: “it was just a massage, end of story”
Billy is shitting his pants like Biden I say.


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To be honest i think everyone involved in this is a bad un (Epstein, Maxwell, Andrew) but that also includes some "victims" like this one:
(wouldn't believe a word that comes out of her mouth)

Thats an issue alright, Maxwell is most likely guilty of the majority of her charges but that doesn’t change the fact that yer one has credibility issues ..

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