The first short movie done with help of AI is... so realistic in many ways that is kinda concerning.


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It is important also to point the first comment:

Okay, let's be clear with what AI did:
AI created concept art for the video.
AI generated voices for the video.
AI (likely) generated the story arcs and plot for the video.

AI did NOT generate footage.
AI did NOT storyboard or edit footage into a cohesive whole.
A talented human did that.

This distinction is important so that people know what the current limitations of AI are, and to give credit to Hashem Al-Ghaili for his talented work with limited resources.

AI is phenomenal for rapid prototyping. I myself am using many of these same techniques to help me bring an idea for a videogame to life-- a process that would have taken thousands of dollars if I had to outsource freelance work or hire staff. I've got worldbuilding, character arcs, concept art, and some character design from AI assistance. I imagine this artist did so too.
Here is an article from the man who is behind OpenAI, the soft ChatGP is theirs:

Mmmm.... interesting I guess if you are an alarmist. The Hydrogen bomb was created too, and now with the capacity to blow us all to kingdom come. Goodness knows there are most probably a myriad of scenarios out there by which our Earth may fall victim to.

I once wrote an essay many years ago with the title ' Will computers one day rule the world' or something to that effect( I was 17yrs old , so a long time to remember back to🤔) but basically I had to explore the concept of artificial intelligence some day taking over.

In it I referred to a movie I saw.... 2001 A Space Odyssey...where the human loses the power to control the AI. Quite a thought provoking film at the time. And of course we have the Terminator movies depicting the same type of idea where artificial intelligence is concerned.

I subsequently got an A+ for that essay ...I guess my Teacher was impressed. But one of the last things I wrote in that essay which I do remember was this....
' I find it difficult to believe that we would ever consider our machines to be more intelligent than ourselves. Not as long as we are AWARE of and PROUD of the HUMAN difference.'

I guess that's it in a nutshell imo. Of course the article you posted depicts a very grave outcome. We can only hope the human desire to learn, and the motivation to develop bigger , better , faster doesn't come back to bite us.

Personally I very much doubt it's all going to get 'shut down' any time soon.

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