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Does Frank Need To Go

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Pretty much sums up the dinosaurs in the Carbery Board, constantly backing inept officials but don't train them properly...means nothing of course if Carbery Rangers can't now go and beat Ibane
I'm a bit late to today's developments.
Carbery Rangers deserve their replay even if they don't go on to Beat Ibane in the replay . From what I have heard they won that match in 60 minutes.
Huge problem for them now is having no Ciaran Santry.

Anyone know what happened at the ccc meeting of the ccb last night?
CCC of CCB sending out a very strong message giving a replay.
It's good to hear that the ccc are being fair in their hearing
Who was at this meeting does anyone know?
No way will CCB sell unless it is zoned residential. Cork Con don’t need it, their numbers are dwindling.
It didn't sound like it that the CCB were in control of the sale ? While their numbers are dwindling currently, it would not shock me tosee them go for it. I know they were annoyed at not going for it last time. The main reason I have that gut feeling is that the Munster matches at PUC have Cork Con's guiding hand behind it.
Am i right in saying the AOH when selling did so on the basis that it would be always a sporting venue?
I'd imagine it's a covenant on the land title/deeds, or at least it would want to be to hold any weight. If it was time limited that's something that would have got out and the CCB would have been working towards from a decade ago.

Cork Con had their own flirtation with relocating to Monkstown years back but the crash put paid to it. Con wouldn't have the cash to make it worthwhile for Cork GAA to sell up. Nemo or Douglas would have deeper pockets I'd suggest...

As I said, it would be very difficult to get that land rezoned from sports use. There's a massive shortage of land for sports in the south side of the city, and the city council have reports that show as much. The Rockies failed to get their training pitch rezoned following attempts in 2021 I think, despite strong lobbying of cllrs.
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