The Ball & Chain (AKA De Balla/Make this love right) 2022

Great song back in the 90's,the song was something of an anomalous cultural craze in Cork, where it became an anthem for club goers. Copies of the record were routinely sold for close to IE£100 (€127) in the city. Such was the demand for the record in Cork that a special repress was made in the year 2000. who would have known the same artist Romanthony (RIP) done the vocals on "One More time" for Daft Punk. Now that's music history attached to Cork. I made an attempt to replicate the original using a female voice and I made a modern version. Both are available for free download, help yourself no Spotify or apple charges here.

Best attempt at the old one
Modernized a classic

Let me know what your favorite is. J :)
Jackie Fabulous (Americas Got Talent) Plus Guests
City Limits, Coburg St.

3rd May 2024 @ 8:00 pm
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Crawford Art Gallery, Tomorrow @ 2pm

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