The Action Plan for Housing.


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Heard an item on radio earlier re middle aged renters who when they hit retirement age will still be renting
How in the name of god can they afford to do so? It is a terrible prospect,

I don't know the outs and ins of it all, but in Germany and Austria (and I'd imagine many other countries), home ownership is nowhere near as prominent as it is here and its quite normal for pensioners to live in rental accommodation for their whole life.

I know that security of tenancy is one element, but I'm not sure how it works from an affordability perspective. Perhaps they pay reduced rents linked to their pension?

Either way we can forget about ever having a system like that here as long as stupid cunts are objecting to apartment developments because it obstructs their view of the pub.

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Hyde eventually resigns from his position on the planning board

Paul Hyde, who has been at the centre of rolling controversies for over two months, has resigned from his position.

Mr Hyde tendered his resignation to the Minister for Housing Darragh O’Brien on Friday, pre-empting the outcome of a number of inquiries into decisions he has made in his capacity as the second most senior board member at the state's planning appeals.

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Yet more dodgy dealings from planning board members

Two further Bord Pleanála (ABP) board members voted on at least three developments in their own neighbourhoods.

These latest decisions are in addition to cases involving board member Michelle Fagan voting in her home suburb of Rathmines as reported by The Ditch. ABP’s code of conduct prohibits board members from voting on proposed developments in their “immediate neighbourhood”.

ABP chairperson Dave Walsh is today appearing before the Public Accounts Committee where he is to address ongoing public disquiet about ongoing allegations of conflicts of interest and serious governance issues at ABP.
Cork city council seem to be making strides in delivery of social housing, plenty of projects in the pipeline,
When can our great local politicians publicly welcome all these new much needed housing investments and then subsequently start objecting to them during the planning process?

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