that soulja boy song

it's a fucking wind up right? a few guys getting together making a piece of music so awfull it makes kylie sound good, just to have a laugh and see how many they can sell.

thats what it is, isnt it?
hate this song soooooooo much!!!!!!!!!

I have never ever ever played it at any set... and ive been under savage pressure.. such a stupid song... n his new one is just as bad...
I like to think I keep a somewhat open mind about subjective things like taste in music, and always try to at least appreciate why people enjoy music that I don't find appealing. But this... it's really just aural rape... how has it become so popular?
Cyprus Avenue, Caroline St.

23rd Oct 2024 @ 7:00 pm
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DJ Denis

Crane Lane Theatre, Tomorrow @ 11pm

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