Succession (contains spoilers!)

I reckon King of Ashes will be accurate.

Season 1 was a Kendall story. It'll end the same way only everyone will be in a worse place.

Ken will get his ex wife committed like Conor's Mam was. His kids will hate him.

He'll fuck over Roman and Shiv to get to the top but Maddson gojo numbers will be so shit they'll weaken ATN and the company will be fucked with President Minkin crapping on the main stream media of ATN at every turn.

Roman will check out of ATN. Everything he has tried has ended in disaster. The rocket blowing up. Firing Geri. The funeral. He'll cash his chips in and Hate Kendal. Like Ewan Hated Logan.

Ewan will die and cousin Gregg will be disinherited.

Shiv will have the baby. Be locked out of getting a CEO job by Maddson and Ken and take to the drink. Become her mother.

Tom will hang around. He's so compromised by calling the election he can't go anywhere else.

It'll be miserable

Fuckin Great show. Looking forward to it.
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