Stevie G not doing the daily radio show no more

He seems fine but all the gushing tributes is a bit much to take.

One of the nicest guys around in fairness.

Probably better off out of it.

Sometimes you can turn these things to your advantage. See it as a fresh start. Its a kick in the guts nonetheless, happened a lot of us over the last 8 years or so.
Evening Echo

Stephen Grainger ‏@StevieGrainger · 4h
Really happy to announce i'll be starting 3 new weekly weekend shows on RedFM in April, including a new slot for (12 year old) Black on Red!
I'd say Vic Barry is wishing he didn't throw his toys out of the pram now. There might have still been some work there for him.

What a fuckin' langer.

Good news for Stevie G, he was never suited to the auld drive time jock role so more of his niche shows can only be a good thing.
Yea I thought that what a fool. The breakfast crew and stevie didnt throw ther toys out of the pram. Didnt paint a pretty picture for a future job in radio.

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