Stevie G not doing the daily radio show no more

I'll tell ya people talk about Victor Barry milking it that Paul fucking Byrne has been getting away with murder on tv3 for how many years now it's running.
All the best, Stevie. I'm sure a man with your expertise, experience and contacts will go on to do many more great things in the music industry.
Red fm is in the red so I bet many cuts are in order and hireing niel is great business more listners more ad revenue. Cork gets 2 strong local stations rather than one giant 96 and some struggling stations. Its all good and more choice. Shit like this happens all the time in comercial radio its big bussiness. Give me a pirate any day I dont see the point in plush offices and top 10 hit rotation but hey thats comercial radio. Radio friendly still tops them all run on peanuts and hey music came out of radios .

I would never have imagined that 96FM was the giant out of the two. I would have thought RedFM was always the stronger, revenue and listener wise.

I can't even remember the last time I listened to 96FM, I think it was around 2010. Although I do remember that when I did turn it on that they were playing Sixpence None The Richer - Kiss Me. Not acceptable seeing as it's no longer 1999.

Edit: I just re-read your post and added mental punctuation, I think I misread that line. I think I see what you meant now!

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