Stephen Kenny Reign

i weirdly still think that SK could somehow turn it around, even now, though there's no evidence for this.

you just feel if one or two results went his way things might take off.
Three years later...

We are like a 5 a side team of over 40s that meet up once a week for a game of ball, once in a while someone will do something tasty and it will be spoken about for the week, the other 99% of dross is glossed over
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It's great to see that they're somewhat of a threat from open play again instead of relying on super striker Shane Duffy scoring headers from set pieces.

Need to cut out the lapses obviously but the squad looks generally young now so it might take time before they really come of age together.

Kenny possibly/probably won't be around to see that but the pool of players is starting to look like something to get excited about for the first time in quite a while.

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The doom and gloom merchants would want to get a grip.

I'm headed up to the game on Monday. Expecting a loss but hope springs eternal.

In more of a positive mood than after the last Irish game I went to which was the abysmal nations league draw with Denmark under Martin & Roy,

Hank Scorpio

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There's bad and bad in it though, and we are past the mediocre townland and heading towards the abysmal side of the parish. Latvia were nigh-on dreadful and still put a few passing moves together quite beyond our capability.

We won with two players Kenny has brought into the side scoring.

But no lets just dwell on the negative.

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