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Q. Name 13 players who have won the Champions League and been relegated from the Premier League

(Note: There are two additional debatable players who could possibly be added as a footnote to this list...I'll let you know if anyone gets them)

< try to limit googling to a minimum if possible...I've been at it for a few days and only got 7 >
finnan, baros, traore (all liverpool 2005, portsmouth last year - i think, certainly finnan)

not sure if leeds were already relegated when kewell left... don't think so.
These are pure guesses and I haven't checked at all, so they're probably not right...

Sulley Muntari - Won with Inter, Relegated with Portsmouth
Pedro Mendes - Won with Porto, Relegated with Portsmouth
Kanu - Won with Ajax, Relegated with Portsmouth
Finidi George - Won with Ajax, relegated with Ipswich
Patrick Kluivert - Won with Ajax, relegated with Newcastle
Harrry Kewell - Won with Liverpool, Relegated with Leeds
Dwight Yorke - Won at Man Utd, Relegated at Sunderland
Peter Shilton - Won at Notts Forest, Relegated at Derby
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